Apr 28 2012

About Time For This.

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So I’ve decided the little things that are going on in my life right now, I should probably start trying to take some of it down for posterity. I know that if I don’t do this I will probably kick myself in the future because this is one of those times when there’s a lot of things happening and I don’t really want to forget that. I’m not saying that things are going extremely well, because of course they are not, but I will say that this is going to be some kind of therapy for me overall.

Really, I think it will be a chance for me to relax for once and really talk about things that matter to me in my life. Things like film, comics, television, and those other popular forms of media that just probably are going to die soon. Yes, that’s right. I’m talking about complete and utter death. Things like Facebook and LinkedIn are clearly taking over here, so I figured that the old-school blog is exactly where I want to be. Much like Germans, I only want to be at least 5 to 10 years behind fashion. 20 if possible.

Expression Rocks

I know that I’m going to be rocking is like it is 2001, but better late than never. I thought some pretty cool domain name and a feeling that something is probably going to happen with this thing. I’m not saying that I am going to be famous and end up hanging out with rock stars doing copious amounts of drugs off random pieces of genitalia, but I am saying that the vibe is strange in the room.

And I intend to capitalize. Big time. This is definitely not going to be the last year for me. That I promise, and I will fight until his whole thing is done.

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  1. Dalva on said:

    thanks to your post i can solve some of my problems, thank you.

  2. Meiylii on said:

    And I totally disagree with both of the above statements. There should be a balance between the tools and knowledge the college is supposed to give you, and the amount of hard work and dedication within the graduate. Otherwise, what is the point of going to college in the first place?Saying Oh, well I went to the school, and now I have a sweet job. Obviously you’re not cut out for a field in the arts, blah, blah blah. is complete bullshit. I went to a for profit school and it was the worst decision of my academic life. I was fortunate to get a job with a small graphics firm out of school, but only cause I knew a guy there who helped me get my foot in the door. It wasn’t because of anything this school gave me. My own hard work, and luck was what got me where I am today. NOT the education/degree provided by a college that was more concerned with my credit report, than teaching me anything of value.For-profit colleges are a plague. Plain and simple. They put on a good song and dance, and sell you that their school is the best. When you get there, the advanced technology and caring instructors (or whatever promises they make) from their commercials/brochures are somewhat absent. They take advantage of high school graduates who don’t have all the facts. Hell, I too was such a graduate and couldn’t imagine that there were actual institutions that just wanted my money and Who gives a care if we teach him anything. I didn’t know that many for-profit colleges will annex/buy smaller accredited universities as a means of obtaining said accreditation. I didn’t know that they will regularly change the name of their school or hide it’s affiliation with a larger for-profit university. Oh, our name is Baker-field University, we’re not that awful for-profit Chester-field Academy *wink wink.If you’re going for a degree in the Arts, start with a community college while you look into other larger institutions. Go in for the tour, ask to sit in on classes. Question students who are there if you can. Don’t just trust the lines they feed you. Go online and research, research, research.Oh, and Todd.

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