Apr 28 2012

My Day From Hell

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Ok, so I just had one of those days that I honestly think I’m going to regret for a long time. Just one of those 24-hour period that you feel like nothing is really going right, and if you do not find shelter quickly, you’re probably going to run yourself into a wall or something. That is exactly the the kind of day that I had, and I think if it wasn’t my ability to meditate a little bit now and again (I really like the 8 minute style), I probably would have screamed at someone.

I think it started really poorly in the morning because I locked my keys into my car. I had to immediately call AAA, which of course sucked because whenever you call AAA and you are a woman and you lock your keys in your car, you are obviously going to get a lot of smirking from the tow truck guy. I didn’t probably get as much as I should have, and the guy was actually pretty nice. I appreciated the fact that he could have been a lot worse than he was. But he got my Car open in less than 30 min., and a course that was a good thing. I only am happy that I was only a little bit late for work.


Ok, so then I was ready to work because I was afraid that my boss was going to give me another verbal about being late and of course I ended up tripping over my new Marc Jacobs pumps. Good shoes, really awful wearability. I was carrying my briefcase and of course my laptop was in it. The same laptop that had a bunch of really important files I needed and a presentation I was going to give to a client later on in the day. So once the laptop to the ground, I knew that there was going to be a lot of trouble because when I powered it up again, there was a clicking sound. I did a search on the Internet to see what it was, and find out after a lot of looking that it is probably likely to be hard drive failure. I don’t know for sure, because I’m not really a computer person, but I had a feeling that this hard drive is toast.

So not only did my boss write me up, instead of just giving me a verbal, but my computer dies. I honestly wanted to tell my boss that I had really bad cramps so that I could go home, but he made me stick it out. He’s a bastard, to say the least.

Well, I certainly am glad that they had Ben and Jerry ice cream on sale at Ralph’s. I think these are the kind of days that are made for extremely fattening ice cream.

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